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Crypto Children – Get to Know More About These Popular Cryptocurrencies

Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have slowly evolved into a financial giant you would be foolish to discount. They started out in 2009 as a mindchild of an unknown crypto architect (or architects) under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto.

That mindchild, dubbed Bitcoin, would then grow to be a gamechanger in the finance world. Its massive success resulted in hundreds of similar cryptos being born. They are now remodeling the face of virtual transactions and promise to change financing as we know it.

Most people are aware of Bitcoin, having at the very least heard of it. However, few know much about its many offshoots. They may have remembered a name like Ethereum or Litecoin here or there in passing, but rarely do they have significant insight into or understanding of these worth sharing.

This is understandable, seeing that there are over 2,100 cryptocurrencies in function right now. With so many fish in the pond, you can expect to see some rise over others. Their value can vary greatly, ranging from just a few cents to thousands of dollars.

Most cryptocurrencies are overshadowed by the top dogs though, since the ones that grow tend to get used more, making them grow even more (as seen in the disparity between their values mentioned above).

This is a bit of a shame, because some of these cryptos have fascinating stories behind them. Some of them were the fruit of a lot of hard work, some of ingenious innovation. Some perform special tasks or fill out niches other cryptos are not cut out for, while others are simply streamlined to be as efficient at what they do as possible.

All in all, many make for intriguing stories and something valuable can be learned from reading about each one.

To that end, here is a helpful, easy to read infographic about cryptocurrencies. It will give you the important basics concerning 25+ prominent cryptocurrencies in use today.

You will learn about matters such as the amount of each crypto in circulation as opposed to their total supply, their market cap, as well as specific details that make them all stand out among the rest. This info is all you need to be in the loop about the most popular cryptocurrencies.

What the crypto? (Infographic)

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