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Xapo is a Swiss bitcoin company that launched in 2013, when its owner needed a safe way to store his first Bitcoin. Like South Africa, Argentina is a country with political and economic upheavals. Soon, major financial institutions were asking him for permission to use his vault for their Bitcoin.

Every day we open the newspaper or click on our favourite news websites, and read these headlines. ECONOMIC STAGNATION! JUNK CREDIT RATING! HUGE INFLATION! MASS UNEMPLOYMENT! SEVERE DROUGHT! SOUTH AFRICA IS A DISASTER!

Then, of course, you read or watch the various political talking heads trying either to excuse or explain why this is the case. Or they talk in circles of jargon and you think “What are they hiding from us? How bad is it really?"

So you're ready to buy your first Bitcoin Mining contract.  If up until now you’ve been wondering how much it costs to get started with Bitcoin mining, well if you have not looked on our site yet, you can start for as little as $25! (roughly R330 at the time of writing this post, based on a 13.20ZAR/1USD exchange rate)

The mine that we at The Bitcoin Miners Club mines with, Galaxy Mine (previously called, Dragon Mine), is in fact the first in the world to offer Bitcoin mining to the general public at this ridiculously low price.

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